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Our Vision

A different approach to the Italian Culinary World, NOT just as a mere Icon in the World Food Business that needs to be studied "As Is" but also to be used as a great tool to use and channel into our every day life

  • Different Applications
  • Daring Pairings
  • Stimulate our Creativity
  • Spice-up a home favorite dish

Today the Culinary World is not just turning around Countries and Traditions but mostly toward "Product of Excellence" with no flag or boundaries to be freely mixed and match into a "Fusion of Flavors".


The Journey

All started in Arenzano a small seaside town close to Genova, Italy. Since I was little I've always loved to watch my grandmothers cooking and especially I did love to steal some crumbs from their cooking station. Growing up I had the chance to travel the World, live in different countries, learn the language and experience and understand the different cultures and traditions but my eyes were always very keen and focused on their Culinary Traditions. My love for Food and my curiosity allowed me to savor top notch dishes and libations from all over the world. After all this traveling, tastings, learning and researches I've finally established myself as a Food Professional and Educator in the US. I live now in beautiful NYC and I'm taking great honor and pride during my seminars, training and events in sharing my food knowledge, technique and approach to the market by analyzing upcoming trends and tendencies with the renewed excitement of being part of this fantastic and very "Tasty" Food Business World .

Cheers Everybody! Salute!

Next Steps...

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