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Tailored made hands on educational programs and tastings to make you experience a full immersion in the Food Culture and Traditions of  the Italian Peninsula from "EVOO tasting one on one" to "Salumi - Cheeses and Wine/Craft Beer Pairings" passing through "Wine and Balsamic Vinegar: Two Opposite Delicious Worlds" and much more. Our Tailor made services are open to every Food & Beverage Sensorial Experience. We love to dare the most audacious pairings and to bring up to life the most secluded gems of the Italian Culinary Tradition with a specific attention on how these products can be utilized and matched in our daily life to upgrade or give an exotic touch to our cooking and become active elements of our diet. You choose the subject/product and we'll do the rest! This service is suitable for: Culinary Institutes, Retailer Personnel or Food Service Personnel that need to be trained regarding new specialties products in their portfolio in order to satisfied potential customer questions, or just for Foodies and Millennial Consumers that are always eager to learn more.

Carving Prosciutto


Training is becoming more and more popular and in need in the "Retail World". The new Market Trends and the New Millennial Consumer are getting more and more focused on the Food Specialties Market. Their increased spending capabilities; their awareness towards the importance of healthier, less processed and organic products; a increased attention to their diet  and the easier access thanks to the internet to any kind of information regarding nutrition facts and more made the industry shift in a dramatic way towards "Healthier Specialties". The biggest problem is not the access to these products but how to really understand/know them in order to be able to answer the customers questions and how to handle them properly. This issue is common from Mainstream Grocers Company to Boutique Specialty Shops. We can provide hands-on Training Session on Italian and European Imported Products, to allow the store personnel to be confident about these products and not scared about getting questioned and also be able to handle them properly to maximize yield and avoid unnecessary spoilage.


Corporate/Private Events

Nowadays going out for brunch - lunch - dinner can't be just enough...The new trends and Millennial consumers are looking for something more involving, different, educative and interacting. In one word....They want a Food Experience: something to share with their friends personally or on the social media. It's not just about eating is about everything that is around it, from the choice of the ingredients, their history, the techniques used to get the best out of them and the perfect classic pairings, or the most daring ones. A one on one interacting experience where you can be guided to taste some products in a way that you are not used to, or that you never thought before and to be able to ask any kind of questions to truly understand what is really behind the success of a product/dish. We are proud to offer these food experiences specifically build around your own needs and request on a corporate level or just to enjoy something different with your friends & families.

Olive Branch on Olive Wood Cutting Board

Learn & Taste, a Glimpse of our Services:

  • "EVOO One on One" an introduction to EVOO Tasting
  • "From the Fruit to Finished Products" The process to make Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • "Don't Judge an EVOO by its color" A guide to purchase Extra Virgin Olive Oil without being fooled
  • "Wine and Balsamic Vinegar two polar opposite" production techniques and storage of two opposite products coming from the same grape

And.... More....

  • "The three Musketeers of Italian PDO Prosciutto" differences and similarities between the three most known Italian PDO Prosciuttos: Parma, S.Daniele, Toscano
  • "Salumi & Formaggi Pairing" A tour of Italy between meats and cheeses
  • "All Salami Are Salumi NOT All Salumi are Salami" Introduction to Authentic Italian Deli Meats
  • "Cheeses of Italy" An Introduction from North to South of some of the best Imported Italian Cheeses
  • "Liguria: The Italian Riviera" Discover this beautiful regions with all its delicacies

This is Just a simple "Glimpse" of what we can provide, any single service is tailormade to your: requests, desires and needs and we have a service for every pocket. Our Goal is to serve you to fulfill all your expectations, seminars wise, training wise, event wise. We are here to serve!

Italian Medley - Salumi - Cheese- Veggies & Wine

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